Home Groups were implemented in 2009 in order to create an atmosphere of fellowship outside of the church building. These small groups gather at the home of the Home Group leader once a month. The topics of discussion vary, but the overarching goal is to further develop active disciples within the body of Christ.

If you would like more information about a Home Group in your area, below is a list of current groups or contact Jennifer Schiller (231-652-1511 ext.126) to get connected to a group.

  Phone # Meets Start/End Time Children Welcome City
Baker, Keith & Neida 231-652-3807 3rd Sunday 2pm Yes Newaygo
Berends, Doug & Nola 231-834-7638 3rd Sunday 5:30pm
Henderson, Scott & Kelly 231-928-1228 3rd Sunday 6pm
Kearney, Richard & Patricia 231-689-3003 2nd Sunday 2pm Yes White Cloud
Kendall, Jim & Nicky 231-834-1638 3rd Sunday 4pm Yes Grant
Rees, Bernadette 231-715-2640 3rd Sunday (Single Ladies) 3pm
Schiller, Jim and Jennifer 231-303-2780 3rd Sunday 1pm Food & Fellowship, 1:30-3:30pm Study
Sherman, Erik & Lauren 269-214-6675 3rd Sunday 5-6:30pm
Slagh, Pastor Mark 231-224-3910 4th Sunday (Young Adults) 1pm Food & Fellowship, 1:30-3pm Study
Stilson, Lorraine 2231-287-2102
call for more information Yes Morley
Storms, Keith & Kelli 231-250-7781 3rd Sunday 2pm
Stroven, Harry & Donna 231-629-1534 3rd Sunday 4:30pm Fellowship, 5pm Study Yes Fremont
Syswerda, Fredrick & Valerie 231-937-8049 3rd Sunday 7:00pm
VanSweden, Dave & Suki 616-636-5464 3rd Sunday 5:00pm-7:00pm
Howard City
Walker, Larry & Kendra 231-873-4818 3rd Sunday 5pm food
6-7pm Study
Yes Walkerville