In 1996, Pastor Paul and Colleen were serving in ministry at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville. The Lord directed them to Newaygo to lead a small church of 40 people. Resurrection Life Church of Newaygo grew tremendously over the years and eventually reached over 1400 people each weekend, which was larger than the town at the time. The pulse of the church was geared toward performance and excitement with a consumer mentality. People got saved and God moved, but by 2009 Pastor Paul sensed that there had to be something more to ministry.

In 2009, Pastor Paul had an encounter with God that radically changed the face of the church. God healed Pastor Paul’s drive to perform and revealed that His love was unchanging regardless of the success of the church. God said, “You built that church because you needed it, now let’s build My church.” So Pastor Paul slowed the frantic pace of the church and began seeking God’s model for His church.

Little by little, small components of the church structure began to change. God took the desire to perform, and replaced it with aspiration to amplify His voice. He removed the fleshly drive for performance and exchanged it with authentic disciples who would exemplify His life. He disconnected the consumer model and instilled the authority to expand His kingdom. Along with the process of restructuring the church, God revealed that the church name would change.

In 2013, the name changed to Resonate Church. We endeavor to be receptive to God's voice so that we may resonate His will. Come join us on the journey as we continue to change and grow into true disciples.