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Congratulations on making the most important decision of your life -- joining the family of God!

We want to come alongside you to help you understand what happened when you gave your heart to the Lord!

When you confessed with your words and believed in your heart that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, God started a transformation in you. God sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the price for your sins. When you received and outwardly stated you believed in Jesus, God made you brand new! That means your past is erased and God looks at you as a new creation. God’s righteousness is placed inside of you. You have been given a fresh start!

So what do you do now?

The first thing we would like you to do now, if you haven’t yet, is click on the above on the #1 Starting Point Devotional and complete the brief Starting Point form. Then, for the next seven days, you will receive emails with encouraging videos from Pastor Paul Ruzinsky. 

Secondly, you can download the Starting Point devotional & journal (#2 Download the Devotional). Each day, you will have a short devotional and scriptures to read, along with reflection questions to record where you are in your life and your relationship with God. Your personal reflections will help you on your journey with God.

Lastly register for our Grow Steps class (#3 Grow Steps Class above) to help you with your next steps. We will help you connect to a Grow Group and show you how to get involved in one of our Grow Teams here at Resonate church. We believe being involved is essential to grow in your relationship with God.

Still wondering about salvation?

If you’re still wondering about Salvation or have questions about what it is and what it means, then click on this video to hear Pastor Paul explain what salvation is.

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