Freedom Ministries

Freedom Ministries

Freedom Ministries

Freedom Basics classes serve as the entry point for freedom ministry at Resonate Church.

These two exciting classes contain the essential principles of freedom and lay the groundwork for you to hear who God made you to be and empower you to live how He made you to live. Freedom Basics are the launch pad of your journey into true freedom! Freedom Basics also serve as prerequisite to KAIROS, our two-day freedom ministry event.

Kairos is one of the Greek words for “time.” It is the strategic or “right time; the opportune point of time at which something should be done.” For example, a window of opportunity would be Kairos. A well-timed attack in war would be Kairos.

The KAIROS event is an appointed time in the purpose of God. Come expecting to experience God, encountering Him deeper and greater than ever before. 

Now is your appointed time.  We believe that Kairos is for everyone 16 years and older. If you have experienced any type of hurt, trauma, or would like to deepen your relationship with God, Kairos is for you. Friday doors open at 6 on Friday, sessions conclude at 9:30. Come back Saturday morning at 8:30, released by 4pm. Registration is $30, which includes lunch on Saturday and snacks throughout the event.

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